15 Oct 2015

Elavil New Zealand

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Hello there!

First, let me give you an update…I’m eating better Elavil New Zealand have lost a few pounds! I’m definitely eating less simple carbs Elavil New Zealand trying to eat more proteins. I’m also averaging about 8k steps a day—but usually exceed 15k on weekends.

This week I got my DNA results! This is especially interesting for me since I don’t have any medical records from biological peeps. The cool thing is they added the results to the same dashboard as the blood results. So I could see how they aligned.

They color code the results:

  • Gray: no risk / no benefit
  • Green: beneficial
  • Yellow: potential impact
  • Red: potential high impact

Most of the results were gray—which is good.

I had a few reds, specifically:

  • ACE: where sodium adversely affects blood pressure. The good news is that my blood work + blood pressure showed that I’m in the healthy range—but it’s something I should be mindful of as I age.
  • SOD2: where my body has trouble absorbing antioxidants. However, I can combat with eating cruciferous Elavil New Zealand allium vegetables.
  • GSTM1, GSTT1: I lack enzymes that effectively breakdown toxins. Good news again is that my blood work shows I’m in the healthy range Elavil New Zealand can stay there by eating cruciferous Elavil New Zealand allium vegetables. 
  • I’m very lactose intolerant. Rude. I’m not surprised…I hate milk, my body can’t deal with cream or yogurt…but I love ice cream Elavil New Zealand cheese. I’m now going to have to focus on non-lactose cheeses. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss.


  • Diabetes—have to watch out for saturated fats.
  • Caffeine—my body lacks enzymes to break down caffeine effectively—so I have to be careful about intake— Elavil New Zealand not consume any in the afternoon or evening as it affects sleep.
  • Mercury—I have to watch out for foods containing mercury. Good thing I prefer Mars.

 BUT here’s the really good news, the greens:

  • LPL: I am prone to have lower bad cholesterol Elavil New Zealand higher good cholesterol
  • My obesity risk is low! I’m naturally inclined to healthy weight—less affected by carbs Elavil New Zealand saturated fats—able to lose weight easily. My coach said this is happy surprise as it’s unusual to get a green in this category. Sad face news is that I got fat through lifestyle choices. Once I lose my “grief” weight, I’m going to tell my body that it has to stay that way because my DNA says so!
  • Optimal exercise is low! This means once I’m at a healthy weight, I don’t need a lot of exercise to maintain it.

Overall, pretty good news. My coach Elavil New Zealand I were pleased by it. As you can tell, I love this program! Data can be super empowering.

Have a great weekend!

Julie in Seattle

PS: let me know if you’re interested in being a pioneer Elavil New Zealand joining this program. They’re offering a friends Elavil New Zealand family rate through the December class. It’s $2k for a year— Elavil New Zealand it will probably double in price in 2016.

26 Sep 2015


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First, thanks for the words of encouragement after my last post. I was feeling a bit down, but your support buoyed my spirits.

Last weekend I got a letter from Seattle Cancer Care saying they detected something—not to worry—but come in for a second look. After talking to my sis-in-law (RN), I felt better. She said in most cases it’s a benign cyst. And I had a feeling it wasn’t cancer—but knew you can’t go on feelings alone. I was more annoyed that I’d have to wait a few days to get confirmation. On Thursday, I got the best news. It wasn’t even a cyst. The positioning from one of the scans showed a fold. No spot, no check-up. All done. Phew.

The surprise was my emotional response. I immediately wanted to call Elavil New Zealand tell my mom Elavil New Zealand as soon as it registered that I couldn’t, I started to cry. And not the teary-eyed stuff..the ugly sobbing kind. I know it was part relief, but it’s just one of those moments that I really missed her.

It’s so easy to be annoyed by your parents—I get it—but I encourage you to focus on something positive Elavil New Zealand thank them…today.

On Tuesday, I met with my doctor Elavil New Zealand had my blood drawn. She came to the same conclusion—pre-diabetic. With diet changes Elavil New Zealand exercise, I can avoid diabetes all together. So no meds! I’ll go back for a blood draw in 3-4 months Elavil New Zealand see if I’ve made improvement. My doc is extremely optimistic. She has many patients who have changed their lifestyles Elavil New Zealand are no longer in risk of diabetes.

Did you know that Asian women are prone to diabetes? I had no idea… Elavil New Zealand it doesn’t make a difference that I was raised white. It’ll be interesting to see if I have markers for diabetes when I review my DNA results with my coach next month. Either way, this program has already paid for itself. Since I don’t have major symptoms, I could have progressed to a stage in diabetes that would require medication.

All in all, it was a good week! I feel empowered to control my fate Elavil New Zealand live a long healthy life.

Do any of you watch Empire? I feel like one of the songs featured: “I am a conqueror.”

In the wise words of Estelle Swaray Elavil New Zealand about 7 others:

We all make mistakes,
You might fall on your face,
But you gotta get up!

I’d rather st Elavil New Zealand tall
Than live on my knees,
‘Cause I am a conqueror
And I won’t accept defeat!

Julie in Seattle

14 Sep 2015

Bad blood

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Well I’ve had a rough start to my wellness program. Two out of four weeks I’ve either had an infection or cold. Ugh. It’s like my body is rebelling :).

Also, I have a new coach. Her name is Monika Elavil New Zealand I already love her. Today we spent most of our time reviewing my blood test results. The presentation of results are nice — not just numbers, but also coded in green, yellow Elavil New Zealand red.

My results were really a mixed bag. I tried not to overreact, but one of the findings is scary.

Brief overview:

  • Healthy aging: all green (measured by mercury, lead, arsenic, glutathione (antioxidant) Elavil New Zealand superoxide dismutase)
  • Inflammation: mixed but nothing outrageous
  • Optimal nutrition: mostly green — but yellow in Omega 3 foods Elavil New Zealand red in Vitamin D
  • Diabetes risk: mostly red (3 out of 5 factors) — horrendous, mortifying, extremely unpleasant

Monika says losing 10 lbs can make a big difference. No problem. Just give me 6 weeks!

I need to schedule an appointment to review the results with my doctor, specifically the diabetes-related numbers.

After the shell shock, I started to breathe again. AND NOW, I’m determined to kick those red markers in the butt. By the next blood test (in 4 months), I bet I’ll have all green in the diabetes test.

Wanna bet a Snickers bar on that?

Julie in Seattle


25 Aug 2015

Fixit Elavil New Zealand Fitbit

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I read my last post Elavil New Zealand didn’t like the term “transition” year. It sounds like I’m going through THE transition, which has its benefits, but that’s not what’s happening.

So I’m renaming it to my “Fixit” year. I’m fixing me! At least the parts of me that don’t feel good. Time to return to a healthy body!

Since last week, I’ve done 3 out of 4 items on my list. I haven’t tracked food yet, but will start this week.

Today I got my blood drawn for the wellness program. Unfortunately, I have the tiniest veins. Most of the time they have to try a few different veins Elavil New Zealand today was no exception. They finally got what they needed, but it took like 3x the time it does normally. I also did a cheek swab for DNA.

I have to do 2 tests at home: a saliva one (4x in a day that measures stress levels or something like that) Elavil New Zealand a fecal sample. Yep, you read right. It allows them to examine what’s going on in my gut, which is closely connected to so many vital organs. I also got a Fitbit Charge—now I can easily track heart rate, steps Elavil New Zealand sleep! I wish it weren’t so big Elavil New Zealand awkward…can someone please design a beautiful one that looks like a bracelet?

Every month, I’ll get results back from these tests Elavil New Zealand tell you the kinds of things they’re able to measure. It’s going to be quite educational Elavil New Zealand insightful. Unless they tell me I’m going to die soon, then it’ll suck.

Julie in Seattle

PS: Best part of the day was a surprise run-in with my friend Maureen! She’s in the program too Elavil New Zealand will be the perfect buddy!

17 Aug 2015

Please meet Arivale

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I missed you guys! As you know, it’s been a tough few years for me Elavil New Zealand I’m treating 2015 as my transition year.

During this “transition,” I got a new job! I was at Concur for 2.25 years (exceeding my 2 yr avg) Elavil New Zealand there were many signs telling me to leave, including the SAP acquisition. So I started to network to see what opportunities were out there. I talked to my peeps at Socrata, including the CEO Elavil New Zealand two weeks later had an offer. It was one of the easiest decisions of my career. And so far it’s great!

On to the good stuff…my friend Sean is an executive at Arivale. What’s Arivale? Only the coolest wellness program ever. EVER!  It will develop a customized wellness program based on my test results (genes, blood, saliva, etc) with the goal to lead a healthy life. This of course is one of my many goals, but the initial one is to lose weight! Once I feel good, I’ll happily resume dating (already have a new strategy Elavil New Zealand plan).

My first Arivale coaching session was today!

Here’s what I committed to:

  • No sodas
  • I’ll eat fruit for sweets during the day (instead of candy)
  • I’ll track what I consume
  • I’ll add more protein Elavil New Zealand veggies at dinner

I’m also not supposed to beat myself up when I break one of these rules.

I told her what a great support system I have—thank you all for helping me through these truly challenging years Elavil New Zealand as I work on my health.

Let me know if you’d like to go for a walk, an easy hike or eat a non-sweet, high protein meal :)

I love you guys!

Julie in Seattle

PS: here are a couple of links to learn more about Arivale:

  • https://registration.arivale.com/new
  • http://www.geekwire.com/2015/dr-lee-hoods-new-wellness-startup-arivale-raises-36m-to-improve-your-health/
04 Jul 2014

Chao from Saigon

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Greetings from Vietnam!

I’m writing from a very chic French cafe, L’usine in the middle of Saigon — a thriving city with 8 million residents. There are also about 8 million scooters who try (unsuccessfully, so far) to hit Mai Elavil New Zealand me each time we cross a street (my video of crossing a Saigon street). I wish I were kidding — but crossing a street (often four+ lanes wide) is like Frogger.

The food is amazing! I hardly know any of the dishes, but they’re often a stir fry or cooked in clay pots. But we’ve also had the staples, like banh mi sandwiches Elavil New Zealand pho — definitely had the best pho here! I also tried a huge ass crepe — from a street vendor, which may also be why I got sick. Or it could’ve been the tap water I used for brushing my teeth. In was inevitable as I do not have Mai’s stomach of steel.

The language is tough. I’ve only mastered hello Elavil New Zealand thank you Elavil New Zealand even then they smile when I say it…like that’s so cute, but you’re way off. I’m very, very, very lucky to have my own personal tour guide, who speaks the language Elavil New Zealand turns heads wherever we go. Mai stands about a head above the rest, literally. Good thing she’s still clumsy Elavil New Zealand forgetful — otherwise, it might go to her head.

The primary reason we’re here is to work on TravelCat. We have a stellar team of developers — young, smart Elavil New Zealand hardworking. There are 7 of them dedicated to our website Elavil New Zealand mobile app. We also have amazing designers, Jin & Jana — from Seattle. They are helping us to make one of the most unique Elavil New Zealand charming travel sites. We’re over the moon with their work.

I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to grow, discover Elavil New Zealand experience so many wonderful new things.

Thank you to my fellow traveler, business partner Elavil New Zealand friend: Mai Hoang.

Julie in Seattle

PS: It’s hot as hell here + the most humid you can imagine. I don’t recommend coming to SE Asia in the summer. I melt each time we leave the hotel. I hope imagine that the consummate sauna is a good start for my weight loss.
PPS: We went to McDonald’s for lunch — it’s enormous Elavil New Zealand the decor is way different — very modern. They call it “Mac dO land” — I’ll post some photos on Instagram.
PPS: I feel like a millionaire here — 1 million dong = $50 USD. You know I’m such a big spender so I’ve pulled about 8 million dong so far. Most meals are less than $25 (for 2 of us), including drinks. We got body scrubs Elavil New Zealand massages (60 min) for $25 each.


08 Jun 2014

Dating delay

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Hello my friends! I hope you enjoyed the sunny weekend.

I’ve turned a corner Elavil New Zealand feeling more normal. Not 100% yet, but close. Starting to spend time with friends, taking walks Elavil New Zealand catching up on work. Probably not surprising, but I’m postponing my dating start date.

I want to feel excited about meeting new people, but I also want some distance between my sad story. Friday is the anniversary of my mom’s death Elavil New Zealand the following week her birthday. I’m going to spend this summer getting back in shape, working on Mai’s startup Elavil New Zealand enjoying all that the NW has to offer (including the best friends ever)!

Thank you for your continuous love Elavil New Zealand support,

Julie in Seattle

27 Mar 2014

Daddy’s girl

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It is with a heavy heart that I share the loss of my dad. As most of you know, he battled acute myeloid leukemia for 3 1/2 years. He was a special guy — with so many loved ones in his life–many of whom attended his service today. Thank you to the friends who came to support me.

Instead of writing a blog about him, I’ve shared the eulogy I gave at the service. It captures his essence.

I also hope that this is the last sad story I write in a very long time. Soon, I’ll be ready for new Elavil New Zealand happy adventures. But first, I need a break, from everything.

Julie in Seattle

PS: you can read his obit Elavil New Zealand see a photo of him at: http://obits.oregonlive.com/obituaries/oregon/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=170358282


My dad was born William Eads in Olympia, WA on January 10, 1934. He had a challenging childhood with a broken family. But his life changed at 15 when he had two significant introductions: the first to the Chase family Elavil New Zealand the second to Jesus Christ.

His new faith Elavil New Zealand family were pivotal to the man he would later become. He finally experienced unconditional love Elavil New Zealand a true sense of belonging. My dad became a brother to Sanna Elavil New Zealand a son to Charles Elavil New Zealand Peg Chase. He appreciated his new life Elavil New Zealand never took it for granted.

Our life experiences shape who we are, but don’t define us. My dad was a testament to that. He made a conscious decision to live a different life than the one he experienced during his early years. Once he found his way, he stayed on course.

The Bill you know is a caretaker, a loving husb Elavil New Zealand Elavil New Zealand a proud father. He’s probably helped most of you in this room: driving you to an appointment, mowing your lawn, helping you move or supporting you through prayer. Dad always made time for others Elavil New Zealand was generous to a fault.

He liked marching to the beat of his own drum. You’re all familiar with his quirky sense of humor: delivering jokes in a stern manner, wearing his nametag upside down, shaking hands with his left hand, Elavil New Zealand his signature lines – like the one he used when introducing myself or my brothers: “he’s good looking just like his pa.” Of course, it’s a little funnier when used with me.

Dad had a positive outlook – seeking the best part of any challenge, focusing on the lesson learned Elavil New Zealand looking forward. He wouldn’t admit to worrying or being afraid. He felt that if he stayed positive, it would all work out, Elavil New Zealand it usually did. He gave the best hugs Elavil New Zealand had the biggest heart.

What you may not know about him is his love of classic cars, especially Studebakers, tugboats, movies Elavil New Zealand everything Alaska. Or his keen sense of direction. Or that his favorite meal was breakfast. Or that he had a weakness for sweets, especially cookies Elavil New Zealand ice cream.

Of course, dad wasn’t perfect. He was stubborn Elavil New Zealand overly independent. It took a major stroke AND cancer for him to learn how to ask for Elavil New Zealand accept help. He also didn’t like to disappoint people, especially my brothers Elavil New Zealand me. Sometimes he modified answers for each of us depending on what he thought we’d like to hear. My brother Darin coined this as “dad spreading the jelly.” Dad liked that so much, he used the expression himself ☺

And while he liked all sorts of people, he especially had a soft spot for women. The truth is he liked most everyone except my boyfriends. Most were intimidated by him. At 6’2”, his broad frame Elavil New Zealand crew cut – he didn’t have to try very hard. But as you all know, he was truly a gentle giant.

Dad was most proud of his children. He loved that each of us found our path to happiness. That we earned college degrees, including advanced degrees for John Elavil New Zealand me. He was proud of John’s artistic talent Elavil New Zealand following his calling, Darin’s ability to fix anything Elavil New Zealand friend everyone Elavil New Zealand my adventurous spirit Elavil New Zealand successful career.

He was also a proud grandfather. Darin Elavil New Zealand Susan’s baby, Logan brought him great joy over the past year – watching him crawl Elavil New Zealand explore. He enjoyed thinking about Logan having his height Elavil New Zealand Darin’s personality.

I was fortunate to spend the final weeks with my dad—time that I will always cherish. One of my favorite stories he would tell is about the time I arrived from Korea. My mom had terrible morning sickness—pregnant with John. So my dad took care of me the first few days while she stayed in bed. When he had to go back to work, he showed her the routine Elavil New Zealand where to find everything. On the first day, dad came home during lunch to check on us Elavil New Zealand he said I had the biggest smile when I saw him Elavil New Zealand nearly fell off the couch, reaching for him.

So I guess we bring the expression “daddy’s girl” to life – we had a special bond from the beginning. As he would often tell me, “I wouldn’t send you back for anything” Elavil New Zealand I would reply “It’s too late anyway.”

I love you dad.

01 Mar 2014

My Declaration

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It’s been way too long! I’ve missed you guys!!

Well, I’m not exactly ready to enter the dating scene, but I’m ready to make a declaration. I’m going to start dating again–in June.

By then, work should be more stabilized (my new hires should be ramped up), I will be in better shape Elavil New Zealand it’ll be a perfect activity for the summer!

In the meantime, I’ll stay busy, don’t you worry! Working, spending time with family Elavil New Zealand you

Julie in Seattle

PS: if anyone else wants to join me in June — I’d love some fellow daters — anyone in?

18 Dec 2013

Happy Holidays!

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I can’t believe it’s been three months since I’ve written. How time flies!

I’m writing for a few reasons:

1. to provide an update
2. to let you know I’m not sending cards this season (translation: you’re not on my shit list)
3. to wish you a Merry Christmas

I’m doing quite well. It’s been six months since my mom’s passing. Each day, I feel more Elavil New Zealand more like myself. I look at my fingernail (the one that I slammed in my trunk) Elavil New Zealand admire how it’s almost completely healed. It’s become symbolic to me — crushed at the height of grief — grew black, fell off Elavil New Zealand replaced with a br Elavil New Zealand new one.

Thank you for your constant support, your humor Elavil New Zealand all of the get togethers. You make my life better!

I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my family — I know it’s going to be especially joyful with baby Logan!

Treasure the time you have with your loved ones during the holidays — even those annoying parents :)