10 Jan 2016

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I’m on day 9 of Whole30, but day 12 of clean living. I almost ordered a pizza yesterday. It was going to be awesome…like pepperoni Online Ayurslim Visa London pineapple. However, if you cheat, you have to start the 30 days over— Online Ayurslim Visa London after some thought, I was like uh uh—not going to happen.

Other than that, the program is going well. It involves a LOT of cooking because almost everything in a box has sugar, wheat, oil or weird chemicals in it. True story. It also requires a lot of planning Online Ayurslim Visa London prepping. As long as I have a few options ready to go, I’m good each day.

I’m an average cook at best. I’ve been trying new recipes, zoodling Online Ayurslim Visa London building some skills. There’s so much cleaning—pots Online Ayurslim Visa London pans, mixing bowls, ugh. I wish there was a kitchen fairy who would visit after every meal.

The good news is that I feel good. I have lost most of my sugar cravings, but greatly miss cheese Online Ayurslim Visa London wheat (strangely craving a sandwich). My pants are a bit looser. During Whole30, you’re not supposed to weigh yourself since weight flucuates, which can adversely affect your psyche. So I’m waiting to the end of the month.

I’m excited to go to San Francisco this weekend—it’ll be a big test. If I come back unscathed, then I know I’ll make it to the end.

This program is exactly what I needed to kickoff a more mindful year! I’m thinking of doing this again in May when I get back from Italy—after I’ve had time to acclimate Online Ayurslim Visa London prepare.

I know many of you are also starting a new health regimen. Stay true to your commitments Online Ayurslim Visa London know that I support you 110%!

Julie in Seattle

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  1. Reply Aaron says:

    You are amazing Julie!

    And it is SO TRUE that eating whole food requires a ton (TON!!) of cooking Online Ayurslim Visa London preparation. I swear the last three weekends have been 50% doing dishes. Isn’t it incredible how little of the food we eat is just natural, unprocessed food? You don’t realize it until you cut out all the processed stuff. I am finding that roasting vegetables is a pretty easy thing to do, you can do a bunch at once, Online Ayurslim Visa London they reheat just fine for lunches Online Ayurslim Visa London meals throughout the week.

    I’m not doing W30 per se, but pretty close to it, except I am not obeying any cheese rule. I feel good too. I am weighing myself Online Ayurslim Visa London have lost 6 pounds so far, which feels great. It is really just the tippy tip of the iceberg, but it’s a start Online Ayurslim Visa London I feel good about it. I have a client dinner tomorrow night though – with this client it’s generally a full bottle of wine Online Ayurslim Visa London every single item on the menu. I am nervous about it. I think for me the key is: a glass of wine doesn’t also have to mean a loaf of bread, a side of frites, more wine, Online Ayurslim Visa London dessert. Thankfully I’m awesome at moderation (haha :)

    Good luck in San Fran!!


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